Lisbon, the city of the seven hills

Most of the attractions in downtown Lisbon are conveniently covered by foot, so make sure you chose the appropriate footwear.



Lisbon was historically known as the city of seven hills ("cidade das sete colinas"). As such, most of the attractions in its downtown area (monuments, churches, viewpoints, etc), namely in the neighborhoods of Alfama, Graça, Mouraria, São Vicente, Bairro Alto, Bica and Estrela, are either located or are accessible through very steep streets, challenging staircases and narrow alleyways.

Not to mention the famous, mosaic-like, traditional-style and omnipresent Portuguese pavement ("calçada portuguesa"), which can be found virtually everywhere in the Portuguese capital, throughout the country and even across the world, in territories colonized by the Portuguese Empire, such as Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Goa, Macau and Timor. This kind of paving can sometimes be very slippery, particularly in rainy days.

That said, it is highly recommended that you choose your footwear very wisely. The best way to know Lisbon's downtown area is certainly by foot. Of course, trams, tuktuks and Ubers can be of great help, but to genuinely get familiarized with the city's streets, atmosphere and soul, walking is the best option. Here are a few tips for you to get prepared:

1) Comfort is the first element you should bear in mind. By walking easily over 10 thousand steps each day, one should feel good throughout the process;

2) Grip / adherence is a very important aspect as the soles of your shoes should be able to prevent any slipping;

3) Resistance is also quite relevant because slopes and hills have the potential of ruining your beloved footwear;

4) It is also desirable that your selected footwear is waterproof just to be safe in case of a rainy, cloudy and windy day.