Guide to the Outdoors

Useful tips I would like to have known before i started!

Chelsey Evans

San Diego

How to find the perfect Hiking Boot!

🥾The number one most important thing is making sure it is comfortable. Get all the recommendations you can, but if it isn't comfortable don't keep it.⁣⁣

🥾Determine what type of hike you will be doing? Long or short? What is the terrain like? Boots with ankle support are generally better for long hikes or backpacking. Low profile boots are good for day hikes and flat trails.⁣⁣

🥾Determine whether or not you want waterproof boots. These are best used in wet and cold climates.⁣⁣

🥾I am personally loving my @Timberland Ellendale boots right now!⁣⁣

How to Find Free Camping

Did you know that California has tons of free areas to camp!?🏕⁣ ⁣ The areas listed below all offer free camping either on BLM land or in National Parks. Keep an eye out next week for a post on how to find free camping⁣

🏕El Capitan State Beach in Santa Barbara: You can actually camp on the beach. It is dispersed tent camping and is first come first serve⁣

🏕Alabama Hills: The infamous Alabama Hills is located near Mammoth and offers tons of dispersed camping for tents and RVs all for FREE⁣

🏕Death Valley NP: How crazy is it that you can camp for FREE in a National Park. Make sure to do your research on the appropriate areas to disperse camp in this NP⁣

🏕Anza Borrego: All primitive campgrounds in the Anza Borrego Desert State Park are free. ⁣

How to organize your hiking bucket list

You all know I love hiking and going outdoors. So, as you can imagine I have a long list of hikes I want to check off. So here are some ways I organize my hikes. 👇🏻⁣

⛰Use the app @alltrails to save your favorite hikes. I used to just "heart" all my favorite hikes, but then there got to be so many. So, it is best to keep it organized. I recommend either organizing in the following way in the @alltrails app or on a google doc.⁣

⛰Location: Begin by organizing your hikes based on location. For example, I have hikes saved in San Diego, Colorado, Arizona and more!⁣

⛰Difficulty: Within those destinations I break it down even further and organize by the difficulty rating on the app. The @alltrails app rates each hike as easy, moderate or difficult.

⛰Distance: Next break it down by distance. This also helps for when you are trying to figure out what hike to do and you only have a certain amount of time. ⁣

⛰Sightseeing: Lastly, you can organize your hikes by what you may see on the hike. Looking for a lake view or a field of flowers? Break it down by sights you may see or even seasons you want to do that hike in!⁣

Where to buy discounted Outdoor Camping and Hiking Gear!⁣⁣⁣ ⁣

I always love finding a good deal! These are some places I find my gear at a discounted rate. Most of it is gently used or was a return. And buying used is more eco-friendly! ⁣ ⁣ 🏕 @patagoniawornwear offers gently used Patagonia clothes⁣

🏕 @theclymb offers daily & weekly discounts on outdoor gear⁣

🏕 @rei has a good & used website that is all gently used gear⁣

🏕 @moosejawmadness is an outdoor gear retailer owned by Walmart offering great deals⁣

🏕Other great options are Facebook and craigslist⁣

Emergency Pack for Road Trips

What to put in your Emergency pack for a car road trip!⁣ ⁣ As an ER nurse, I feel like it is my duty to tell you that you should have an emergency kit in your car when traveling. Especially if traveling solo. This picture is from a van life road. Trip, so I made sure to have an emergency kit with me. Here are some tips!⁣

➕First and foremost I always recommend having a first aid kit in your car with simple things like bandaids, gauze, a tourniquet, etc. @hart has a great first aid kit ⁣

📵Portable Charger or solar powered charger. @goalzero has a great powerbank⁣

🧥An emergency blanket is extremely important incase you get stuck in your car and the temperatures get cold at night.⁣

🔦A flashlight or headlamp is important especially if your phone dies then you will have no light⁣

🥕Extra food and water is also extremely important!⁣

Hiking in the Snow Tips

Winter is here! I never realized how much I like winter. I wish I lived closer to the snow! I am about two hours from the snow, so I can still see it, I just need to plan for it! ❄️First and foremost! Wear warm socks! @darntoughvermont Merino wool socks have saved my toes.

❄️Buy waterproof boots! Last year I purchased my first winter hiking boot through @keen and man what a difference!

❄️Layering is key! I have a whole article on my blog on how to properly layer! .

❄️To prevent slipping in the snow when hiking I recommend hiking with crampons or microspikes. Or if you are like me just use your ski or snow boots. :)