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Hi, I'm Ilaria and I'm an Italian travel blogger, photographer and graphic designer. I live in Bologna, a beautiful medieval city and I will take you to visit this city as a local person would

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Guide by Ilaria Di Michelangeli
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HI! My name is Ilaria and I have been a traveler for over 25 years. Since I became a mother, little has changed. We have continued to travel with our two daughters and will continue to do so. I love studying itineraries down to the smallest detail, including unique experiences and unusual accommodations. Our on the road have always been wonderful life experiences. We have visited 40 countries in the world and would like to see as many more! When we can't travel, we love taking short trips to our beautiful Italy. We love cities of art and mountain excursions. We have a house in the Dolomites so we are quite expert in some areas of the Alps. We travel with girls but our trips are not just for families. On the contrary! I hope our travel tips can be useful to you!

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