Have a bonfire and right by the beach with stunning mountain views in all directions.


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Message from Danielle Marie Lister

This area is called the Dyea Flats and it's a stunning historical sight from the Tlingit First Nation and Klondike Gold Rush. It's a beautiful open area near where the river meets the ocean. Known for lots of wildlife in the area such as bears, eagles, seals and more. There are two fire pits that are first come first serve, please only have a fire in the designated fire pits, always check the forest fire conditions before hand as there can be fire bans and completely put out the fire when you're done. There isn't fire wood stocked so you can either bring your own wood or collect driftwood from the beach. It's also fun to just go for walk in this area if you don't have much time.

📍 This is bear country so DO NOT leave any food behind and do not burn food in the fire. 🔥 Check the fire risk, if it's high there can be fire bans

📱 There's no cell service here

Here in the north it's important to share! If all the fire pits are taken up I encourage you to offer other people to join you so that everyone has the chance to experience it.

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