5 low effort hikes in Norway

Hikes that are possible for most people

Danielle Langedal



Sæbø is a village in Ørsta located by the wonderful Hjørundfjorden. There are many good places to visit and enjoy nature here. By Sagafjord Hotel you’ll find one of those spots that has an excellent view of the fjord. There’s also a gorgeous hike in Sæbø that is one of my favorites. Gunnaråsa is a short and steep mountain hike that takes about an hour. A great trip no matter what time of year it is.

2. Galten

Galten is an easy trip suited for most people. You get there by driving through a toll road from Folkestad towards Folkestadsetra. The hike starts by a forest road 1 km from the toll road. The trip is 4.2km one way, and takes about an hour to walk. The final elevation peaks at 471 meters.

3. Litlefjell

Litlefjell is my personal favorite hike in all of Norway. I was unsure if I even wanted to share this place or keep it to myself, but I realized I could not share Norway’s best sights without including it. Litlefjell is Romsdalen’s hike that gives the highest rewards for the least effort. The trip only takes 20-30 minutes from the parking lot, and offers a gorgeous view of Trollveggen, Vengetindene and Romsdalseggen.


Reinebringen is a relatively short hike, but with plentiful views to offer. The hike is a 2km roundtrip and ends at 448 m.a s.l. Reinebringen may not be the tallest mountain in the region, but the view is indescribable. Ascending 448 meters up in only 1 km makes this path pretty steep, but there are manmade steps almost all the way to the top. At summertime it can get pretty crowded up there, so I would recommend rising early, or very late. We went there at around midnight and encountered 5 people in total. Once again, the midnight sun beautified the whole climb.

5. Preikestolen

Preikestolen is one of Norway’s most visited mountain hikes. This is especially evident in the summertime when it can get truly packed with people. The trip itself is quite nice, 535 meters up, and 2 hours long. At the bottom there is a large parking lot and a café with toilets available. There are no fences or safety barriers at the top so be careful.