Best time to visit Lanzarote

Are you undecided about the best time to come? Don't worry, I'm here to help you based on the weather and less-touristy months!



Are you sure that the weather in Lanzarote is good all year round?

Well it's true that temperatures in Lanzarote never drop below 15-16º, but living here I learned that there are some variables to consider when it's time to choose when to visit this island.

In general it's a windy island, the north is colder than the south with like 5º of difference and yes, it rains here too! There are several microclimates on the island.

  • JANUARY - MARCH : these are the coldest months. Temperatures vary from 14 to 18/20º but the wind is cold and it often rains (especially in the north), the cool thing is that you can see a lot of rainbows!
  • APRIL - MAY : here comes the spring. These are strange months because it could be both hot and cold during the day it may rains sometimes and the wind always change, the weather is like bipolar but nothing to be afraid of!
  • JUNE - AUGUST : temperatures are between 25-30º, these are the windiest months, luckily I would say, because without wind we would melt! There are also the perfect conditionts to practice sports like surf and windsurf.
  • SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER : this is the real summer for locals! These are the least windy days of the year so it's pleasant to stay at the beach even for people who are more sensitive to cold.

NB. these are general infos but due to climate change every year is different

What about CALIMA?

Calima is a meteorological phenomenon characterized by the presence of very small suspended particles of dust, ash, clay and sand that comes from Sahara desert and is normally accompanied by hot air, thus increasing the temperature.

It can be more or less intense and unfortunately there isn't a precise period in which it is more present. It usually doesn't cause a problem unless it's really very intense but this happens very rarely!


Personally I would avoid the first months of the year due to the uncertain climate and Easter week because the island get full of people.

Beside that, Lanzarote is beautiful all year and don't be afraid of the wind, it's rarely really annoying!