Best non alcoholic drinks of Venezuela.
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Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

If you visit Venezuela and you don't try chicha, cocada, papelón con limón and malta, you didn't visit Venezuela.

I know you've probably heard this sentence about everywhere but it's true that every country has its landmark or typical beverage of which it feels proud and these ones are for us.

Chicha one of the most weirdest it is a drink made out pasta or rice and condensed milk. I know it sound crazy, maybe disgusting but honestly make you conclusions after trying it. it's like a dessert because is super sweet but I've not known anyone who doesn't like it. If you are cinnamon lover you can add a little bit on top with extra condensed milk.

Cocada is probably my favorite drink ever and it's made out of coconut, coconut water, powder milk, coconut milk and sugar. it's thick, creamy, sweet, and also as dessert is DELICIOUS. You can find it in several places, specially in the coastline of the country where coconuts are everywhere but I also tag a spot in Caracas where you can have one of the best cocadas. Probably you will find places where they add chocolates and candies, but i suggest you to try it simple.

Papelón con limón it's a refreshing drink that you could have with a meal, basically it's simply grounded sugarcane with lemon.

Finally try malta. Have you heard some beers are double malta? or made out of malta, well this is the base of it, but we usually drink while in breakfast. honestly this drink is very particular because people or love it or hate it. I won't blame on you if you don't like it specially if you're from Europe and I don't know why but statistically people from Europe like it less than the rest of the world.

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