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the foodie capital of the country.
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6 - 8 hours
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Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

Maracaibo is where to go to EAT.

In the past Zulia state (where Maracaibo is the capital), was the place where all the foreigners working with the oil went, because there is where are the biggest concentration of oil in Venezuela, that made a lot of different cultures came and established themselves contributing with their customs, flavors and traditions, so here you won't only find a LOT of Venezuelan traditional food (only from this region), but also a lot of international restaurants with amazing tastes.

Don't be afraid of eating on the streets, with a lot of sauces or fritters because thats their main style but you could also find spectacular lebanese, german or texan food just to give you an idea.

Also you could go to the theater, or visit the viewpoint to the bridge over the lake, one of the landmarks of this city.

From Caracas you could take a flight straight to Maracaibo and be there in 45 minutes.

I have two youtube videos which I strongly recommend to watch if visiting Maracaibo, there are in spanish with english subtitles.

The best of Maracaibo and surroundings The best food of Maracaibo

If you're planing to visit Maracaibo here is a list of restaurants you should consider.

Typical food. 1-Casimiro 2-Gladys fas Food 3- Empanadas Mc Gordo. 4- pastelitos él Andino

Classics internationals 5- Mi vaquita texans 6- Kaori japanese 7- El Girasol

Theme restaurants 8- Pink a Cake 9- Yalla lebanese food 10- Herrmeyer Haus german food

Remember, if you would like to contact an agency who takes care of you or simply book the tours and you do them by yourself then is your best option, they can customized your experience as much as you can, from picking you up in the airport when you arrive in Venezuela (even before helping you with the visa, in case you need it), until book and take you everywhere with photographer included. from the basics to most comfortable experience. So don't hesitate to go to their website, see their tours and click the whatsapp button to chat and personalize your trip to Venezuela.

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