Probably the most beautiful beaches in Aragua, Venezuela.
Est. Duration
6 - 8 hours
Est. Price
Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

Cepe & Tuja are the most beautiful beaches in a 2 hours trip from Caracas, the capital, also very cheap so you could visit them in 2 ways.

The first one and the one I suggest you the most is going to Choroni where you could find every kind of stays from guest houses and hostals to fancy lodges with everything included and then take the boat from the port.

I made and specific post about Choroni and Chuao the nearest beach to of the town (actually the nearest is called playa grande but I don't recommend going there because only 10 minutes extra you have Chuao and it's 1000 times better), but, Cepe and Chuao are another thing. Honestly are simply amazing with extra things to do in each of them.

Cepe is near from Choroni than tuja, here you will find a lodge where you could stay also, but first you need to take a 20-25 minutes boat trip from puerto Colombia in Choroni. In Cepe there is also a small and separate beach from the main one called puerto escondido and honestly is SPECTACULAR specially because the going there is a bit annoying like 15 minutes walking through the jungle so almost every time is lonely.

In the other hand you have Tuja, 35 minutes away from Choroni, an amazing beach with restaurant where could do a full day and do a 30 minutes hike to it's viewpoint with a full panoramic view of the beach and also a 15 minutes walk inside the jungle to visit the natural slide from a small river in the mountain where you slide and fall into a well.

The other way to visit this beaches is from a twon called Chichiriviche de la costa 45 minutes away from Caracas, but then the boat trip is 2 hours, also prices are higher that's why I suggest you to go to Choroni, by car or bus that is 2 hours approx from Caracas and then take the boat.

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