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Glamping and "wine waterfall" In the beautiful mountains of Lara, Venezuela.
Est. Duration
6 - 8 hours
Est. Price
Message from Emmamuel Vieira & Valery Saa

La cascada del vino, as its name in spanish means wine waterfall and it has this name because the well is kind of red wine color.

The landscapes surrounding are amazing and you can easily spend 2-3 days in Barbacoas, the small town in Lara state where is located.

To go there you can rent a car and drive from Caracas approximately 5 hours. On your way don't forget to visit "la virgen de la divina pastora" which is located in Barquisimeto, the capital (which you'll have to pass by), of Lara.

I suggest you to sleep the first day in Glamping La Cepa, the first glamping of Venezuela and a beautiful places to connect with nature, enjoy some marshmallows and listen to the sparks of the fire before going to bed.

The next day you can visit la cascada del vino that's located just 15 minutes by car from the glamping, or if you're more adventurer you can also camp in the surrounding area full of greenery. Also you could visit "La Peonía" caves and take the half an hour intern tour that it's simply amazing. Reminder, it's not for claustrophobic people.

There are also grills where you could make your BBQ and have an amazing lunch with La cascada del vino in front of you.

Then you could drive back home or spend another night where you decided to stay and relax to drive during the day the next day.

If you decide to visit la cascada del vino and you don't want to drive, just enjoy you can contact and then can arrange everything for you, also if you want to go by your own but you want to book the glamping to stay they can do it for you and finally if you want to camp and you didn't bring with you the camping gear they can rent it for you. You always can click on the whatsapp button on their website and customized your experience in Venezuela.

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