The most Icelandic things to do

Do what the locals do!

Elisa Hanssen

, Iceland

Most people ask me: "what is typical Icelandic?"

And often the answer surprises people a lot, because it is not something they expect in Iceland.

Hot tub culture

First of all, Icelandic people love hot tubs. If you have done some research you know that there are geothermal watersources all over the place. And Icelanders like to build hot tubs or spa's at those places.

And if you think Icelanders only sit in these hot tubs when the weather is nice, you are wrong. Year round, in rain, snow or sunshine, Icelanders will flock to the outdoor pools. So if you want to meet some locals, this is the place to be!

But remember to always take a showe (naked) before entering the pool. Icelanders like to keep their pools clean and because they don't add a lot of chlorine to the water, they require everyone to shower thoroughly to make sure everyone can enjoy the clean hot tubs and pools.

My five favorite pools and spa's in North Iceland

Geosea - Geothermal Sea Baths

Hofsós Sundlaug

Forest Lagoon

Hauganes Hot Tubs


If you buy my map, you will find all swimming pools I like! And I'll even tell you about a hidden warm waterfall.

Ice cream all year round

The second thing Icelanders really love is ice cream. You would expect to eat a lot of ice cream in a warmer climate, but the cold hasn't stopped Icelanders from eating this delicious treat.

Most ice cream shops are open year round and have a wide selection of ice cream options.

I personally really like the "Bragðarefur". This is soft ice cream mixed with a few topings. If you want to go for my favorite mix, you have to choose a small vanilla bragðarefur (a small one will be more than enough, assure you) with raspberries, chocolate animals stuffed with caramel (or just any other chocolate) and licorice balls.

My favorite place is Ísbúðin Akureyri , but you can find ice cream shops everywhere. They even sell ice cream in many gas stations.

Enjoy these typical Icelandic things at least once (or maybe once every day) on your trip!

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