Sightseeing in the rain

What to do when the weather is bad in Iceland

Elisa Hanssen

, Iceland

I can't deny that the weather in Iceland can be a bit bad some times. Especially in Reykjavík and the south coast, you'll have quite a big chance on rain. But that should not stop you from making the most of your time there!

But do make sure that you don't get yourself in a bad situation when the weather get's really bad. On the weather forecast they will predict of there are any weather warnings coming up, so make sure to check that out regularly.

>> Check out the weather forecast

What to do in the rain

The two main things you can always do in any kind of weather in Iceland is:

  • go to the pool
  • eat ice cream

Nearly every town in Iceland has a swimming pool and a place to buy ice cream (gas stations sell ice cream as well), so you can do this all over the country.

Go to the spa

Besides pools, there are also many spa's / lagoons all over the country. You can sit in the warm water and enjoy the view even when it is raining. My favorite spa's in the country:

  • Sky Lagoon
  • Krauma
  • Geosea - Geothermal Sea Baths
  • Forest Lagoon
  • Vök Baths

Reykjavík in the rain

In case it is raining while you are in Reykjavík, you could decide to go to:

  • Perlan (Wonders of Iceland) . There are several exhibitions there on Icelandic nature, so you won't have to miss out.
  • Lava Show . If you want to see lava flow, you should check this show out.
  • FlyOver Iceland . You get to experience Icelandic nature while flying over it. And you don't even have to go outside!
  • And you can also do some shopping of course. I always like to see what Icewear has to offer. They have both clothes and souvenirs.
  • And of course you can also go to some nice restaurants. Icelanders are completely obsessed with food halls at the moment, so you might want to check one out like Grandi.
  • Sky Lagoon . Like I said before, sitting in a hot tub / spa in the rain is always good as well. You don't need good weather to enjoy the warm water.

Akureyri in the rain

In case the weather is not great in the north, you can still find enough fun things to do in and around Akureyri as well.

  • Forest Lagoon . I actually love visiting hot tubs / spa's in the rain. The cold raindrops on your skin make the whole experience even better.
  • Christmas House . This place is open year round and you will find everything Christmassy here. So even on a rainy summer day, this might cheer you up.
  • If you walk through the main street in Akureyri (Hafnarstræti), you will find several nice cafe's or restaurants that you can enjoy some coffee, cake or dinner while it rains outside.
  • Akureyri Tourist Information Centre . There's a cute souvenir shop here right next to the tourist information (in the same building).
  • You can also do some shopping for clothes or souvenirs at Icewear Akureyri .

But let's just hope it does not rain too much on your trip!

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