Things to Know Before Visiting Tasmania

The most important things to know before visiting Tasmania for the first time

Lauren and Harry Miller


Here's the things you should know before you head to Tasmania to make your trip planning easier!

Weather and When to Visit

We have been to Tasmania in summer and in winter and both were incredible experiences! To make the most of all of the sites we would recommend visiting in summer (Dec - March). In summer you can swim, hike and see the mountains all at once. If you're just heading to Cradle Mountain then winter is beautiful there, the snow capped mountains and chilly weather suit the mountain atmosphere perfectly.

What to Pack

Even when heading to Tasmania in summer, be prepared for some cool temperatures. In Tassie one day you can be swimming at the beach in 30 degrees and the next you can be rugged up in your puffer jacket! Weather is also very variable between locations so if you're having some bad weather days and have some flexibility in your plans then take a look at the forecast - you may be suprised to find that it's sunny just an hour away!

National Parks Pass

Most of Tasmania's most beautiful natural attractions are in the national parks so you will likely need this when you visit. You can buy these at the National Park visitors centres or online at If you're just visiting one National Park then opt for the Daily Pass (Note: Cradle Mountain has a seperate Daily Pass) or you can buy a Holiday Pass which is for all the parks and last for 2 months.


Drinking water is readily available from public places such as Visitors Centres, Libraries and parks. Tasmania has some of the best drinking water in Australia straight from the tap!


Even with a sim card, internet can be patchy when visiting some of the more remote areas in Tasmania. Always check ahead to see if there is wifi or reception at the place you are heading and plan ahead accordingly. We reccomend downloading an offline map - this has saved us a few times!

We hope this list helps to answer some of the questions you may have before you head to Tassie! It is no doubt going to be a trip to remember.