Florentine steak in Florence

Florentine steak tips i wish i knew before i moved to Italy. Locals take immense pride in the way a Florentine Steak is prepared.

Kacie Rose

, Italy

Remember that scene in Emily in Paris (don’t judge me, I couldn’t help watching it), where she orders a steak and it comes out rare, so she asks the chef to cook it more for her and he tells her...no? Yeah.

While Florentine people won’t be like that, they do take immense pride in the way a Florentine Steak is prepared – it is their signature dish after all, so who can blame them. While they won’t make a huge deal out of it, it IS true that many chefs WILL refuse to cook it more, and instead respectfully give you a hot plate to keep at the table in case you’d like your meat a bit less...well...fresh. As someone who grew up in the U.S. and used to refuse to eat steak cooked any less than a “warm pink”, it took me a bit to warm up to the idea, no matter how many Italians told me I was missing out. And as much as I hate to admit it... they were totally right.

So my suggestion: If you decide to try the Florentine Steak (which you absolutely should, its next level amazing), ask for it to be prepared the way the chef has intended for it be prepared, and try it that way first before asking for a hot plate. Like I said – this is their pride and joy, so they know exactly what they’re doing, and it’s delicious.

A Tip: try sprinkling a drizzle of olive oil and salt on your steak. It just makes it that much more *chefs kiss*