Driving in Albania

A road trip through Albania will certainly not be boring - the road conditions, the Albanians themselves and Google Maps make sure of that.

Kathi Daniela

, Albania

More than once, Google has led us astray, because some roads that are listed do not exist and other roads that lead to sights or beaches are not shown. I would advise you to always zoom in and look at the route that Google Maps suggests - otherwise the map might lead you to a gravel road in the middle of nowhere.

Speaking of gravel roads: the condition of Albanian roads varies greatly. Between the larger towns, the connection is good, but as soon as you leave the main traffic routes, the picture can change very quickly and tar gives way to gravel roads full of knee-deep potholes. In the end, Google Maps is a good indicator - if a 20-kilometre stretch takes 40 minutes to drive, you know what to expect.

And then a word about the Albanian drivers : there are no rules for them. Three lanes are quickly made into five and right of way is not a concept at all. I was surprised that we didn't see an accident in the whole ten days - the Albanians themselves seem to know how the system works and in the end they all take care of each other. For a driver from Western Europe, however, this can be a bit stressful though. So be prepared ;)