Sarajevo with cildren

Here I have collected a few tips and activities that are also fun for children when you are on a holiday in Sarajevo with your family.

Kathi Daniela


Travelling to Sarajevo with children? The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is also a great destination for a city break for families. There is an incredible amount to discover here, even for the little members of the family, and nowhere else in Europe can history be lived and shown so directly.

Visit a coppersmith

Coppersmithing has a centuries-old tradition in Sarajevo - and many coppersmiths are happy to show curious guests how their work is done. How about your children creating their own bookmark and taking it home afterwards?

Walk along the abandoned bobsleigh

The abandoned bobsleigh track from the 1984 Winter Olympics is an adventure playground for young and old. And the numerous graffitis on the concrete are also exciting. Some of them create real works of art. Take your children for a walk and see what you discover!

Eat baklava

If you're on holiday in Sarajevo with children, then of course you can't miss out on something sweet: How about the typical Bosnian dessert baklava? Traditionally it is made with walnuts, but there are also variations with almonds, hazelnuts or even chocolate. The best address in Sarajevo to really try your hand at it is BAKLAVA SARAJBOSNA .

Stand in Gavrilo Princip's footprints

Here in Sarajevo, children can step right into the footprints of history! Who can say that they can bring world events as close to children as you, when you step in the footprints of Gavrilo Princip on the street corner where the Austrian Crown Prince was shot? This brings history to life!

Visit the Muzej Optičkih Iluzija Sarajevo

A nightmare on holiday with children: Rainy days. Not in the Bosnian capital, however. A rainy afternoon can simply be spent at the Muzej Optičkih Iluzija Sarajevo followed by a mug of hot chocolate at Milky's.

As you can see, a holiday in Sarajevo with children is exciting, and easy to do. You can purchase my travel guides to get even more ideas and activities!