Things to know before visiting Lithuania

So you've decided to book a trip to Lithuania. Exciting! Here you will find all the important things to know before visiting


Vilnius, Kaunas, Druskininkai, Nida, Palanga

What language is used in Lithuana?

Lithuanian is the official language spoken in Lithuania. However, most of the people know more than 2 languages. Majority of young peole will know good english. And majority of older people can speak russian.

Should I learn some Lithuanian before visiting Lithuania?

Since English is commonly spoken in Lithuania, you can get by without learning any Lithuanian before your visit. However, if you want to be polite here's a couple phrases you may want to remember:

Sveiki = Hello

Ačiū (pronounces achoo as sneezing) = Thanks

Labai ačiū = Thank you so much

What currency is used in Lithuania?

The official currency used in Lithuania is the Euro (EUR)

Do I need to bring cash to Lithuania?

Most of locals never have cash on them, nearly everybody uses their card and phone to pay. It might be useful to have a small amount of cash on you, but you want to plan to make most of your purchases by card


There is no mandatory tipping in Lithuania. But if you are really happy with the service you can always leave around 10% tip. Also more and more places accept tips by card

Is Lithuanian tap water safe to drink?

Absolutely! You can bring your reusable water bottle and refill it from the tap. In warm season you can find water refill stations outside all around the city

What is the best season to visit Lithuania?

Months between May and September are the best to visit Lithuania. Days are very long. In summer we have over 17 hours of daylight. Weather can be rainy but temperature is usually around 23 degrees celcius. Usually there is a week of 30 degrees sometime in summer. You will be lucky if you will catch those days!

In the winter months, the days are very short. You will get around 7 hours of daylight at peak darkness. But don't let that deter you. Embrace the Lithuanian coziness in cities, or go for a winter adventure in lithuanian nature

Any time of the year weather can change few times in a day, so it's recommended to follow the weather forecast to choose the suitable clothes


The electricity in Lithuania is 220 volts. If you are coming from countries like the US and Canada remember to pack an adapter for outlets

What is the best way to travel around Lithuania?

Lithuania has an very comfortable public transporation system which makes it easy to get around. In bigger cities you can use Trafi app to buy tickets and chech itinereries. Some parts of Lithuania are easier accessible with buses and some with trains. You can check bus schedules and buy tickets here . Train schedules and tickets can be found here .

In some cases, it can be easier to have a car. For example, if you're doing a more rural roadtrip or trying to reach remote nature getaway places

I hope this FAQ was helpful and you will have the best time in Lithuania. If you want to travel around Lithuania like i do, you can get my 150+ tips for visiting Lithuania

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