How to get around in NYC

Spoiler: the subway is part of the experience

Laura Peruchi

New York City

  • NYC is a big city and the public transportation can take you everywhere. The best way to explore the city is walking around and riding the subway. I suggest you to organize your itinerary in areas. Let's say that during your first day you are going to explore the Upper East Side - and you are statying in Midtown. So, use the Subway to get to the UES and then you explore the area by foot.
  • Every subway ride costs $2,75 - and you can buy an weekly unlimited pass for $32 - remember the Metrocard costs $1. You can also use your credit card or virtual wallet to pay the subway through the OMNY system, on the turnstyles. Just tap and go.
  • Google Maps is very reliable to plan your subway routes - just make sure to check the NYC Subway app on the weekends cause some lines and routes change.