Ride-Sharing Apps to use in New York City

Although I’m a strong advocate of using public transportation in New York City, we all need a ride sometimes, right?

Laura Peruchi

New York City

Uber – Besides UberX and UberBlack, there is Uberx share, where you share a ride with someone and save up to 20%. Another cool function of Uber is “Share this ride”, great for when you want to split the fare with someone.

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Lyft – Lyft, after Uber, is the most popular in New York. Lyft lets you choose the car by the number of seats: Lyft (4) and XL (6 people), besides other VIP cars. The trick to save some money with Lyft is choosing Wait & Save – you will wait more for the car and pay less.

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Revel – new ride-sharing app – the difference is that all the cars are blue Teslas. So, if you’re curious about what it’s like to ride an electric car, it might be an opportunity, lol. For now, there are only two categories of cars: the Tesla, for 4 passengers, and the WAV, with accessibility and space for 3 passengers.

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Curb – Curb is an exclusive app for yellow cabs – you can even book a ride for later. You can choose between a regular or accessible taxi and also black cars.

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