Learn more about tips and when to tip

Laura Peruchi

New York City

In the US, it's natural that you tip for services. During your trip, you will probably deal with three types of services that require tips: restaurants, taxis and hotels. Keep in mind that at any restaurant with table service you are required to leave a tip. The percentage varies from 15 to 20%. At the end of your meal, when you get the check, you'll see the subtotal and total (including tax). You can calculate the tip amount on top of the subtotal. If paying with a credit card, give the card to the waiter. He or she will bring the receipt for you to sign and include the tip amount. If paying in cash, leave the full amount with the tip. If you don't have change, just ask for how much change you need. Remember that in most restaurants, for groups of 6 people or more, the tip must be 20%. This is not optional, it's automatic. In places like Mc Donald's, Starbucks, Shake Shack - with no table service - it is not mandatory to tip.

In the case of a taxi ride, it works the same way. All taxis accept cards and you can enter the tip amount.

In hotels, it is also customary to leave tips for the maids.