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Via Ferrata like the ancestors
Est. Duration
2 - 4 hours
Est. Price
Message from Michaela Scalisi

This is maybe one of my long listed must do adventures so close to my home that I continued to postpone it. But finally I had the chance to join an experienced friend who guided me through the oldest Via Ferrata. The via ferrata Pinut is therefore truly historic. In the middle of the impressive rock face of the Flimserstein lies a meadow that has been accessible since time immemorial and has also been used for agriculture: Pinut. As early as the middle of the 18th century, there is evidence that the Pinut was accessible to daredevils via a narrow and "gächen" path.

But now lets focus on some more practical details. I highly recommend you to do this activity only when it hasn't rained the night before (slippery), no thunderstorm forecast and now snow - otherwise it is VERY dangerous.

How to get there: There is very little parking available in Fidaz. Use the multi-storey car park in Flims at the valley station of the mountain railways (Stenna Center) The Flims Laax Falera Shuttle in the direction of Bargis will take you to Fidaz (free with a guest card) to the "Pinut" stop. From the bus stop you can reach the start of the Pinut via ferrata about 30 minutes.

I'll recommend you to go early in the morning and start before sunrise since then it's less crowded but also you have the most beautiful light! The ascent takes you about 3 hrs overall. Once at the top you can enjoy the fantastic panorama and enjoy your picknick (breakfast). There is a little farm and also a local farm shop with fresh bread, cheese, milk and other delicacies. The descent to Bargis takes you another hour but is totally easy after you had a nice snack and refreshment. From Bargis I recommend to take the bus back to your car. Just make sure that you are in time since the bus runs only once an hour. But if you miss it, there is a lovely restaurant that serves great local dishes and drinks.

Photography tips: after the first steep ascent there is a passage between two uniquely formed rocks and super nice to get a picture there. also later on there is a bridge which is worth to take more photos. Always make sure to be safely attached at the security ropes.

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