The best glacier tour
Est. Duration
4 - 6 hours
Est. Price
Message from Michaela Scalisi

This has been one of the biggest highlights of my many trips to Zermatt: The snowshoe tour along the Matterhorn glacier trail The snowshoe tour along the Matterhorn glacier trail is certainly one of the most beautiful experiences in the winter mountain world of Zermatt. Together with a ZERMATTERS certified mountain guide, you set off from Trockener Steg to Schwarzsee.

An untouched winter world lies before you, through which you make your tracks. Past the Theodul glacier lake and on to a lonely high plateau. Time seems to stand still there: The world is peaceful and the snow lies like a soft blanket over the ground.

Once you arrive at the entrance of the glacier cave you fill find so many various angles, spots and frozen pieces of art that you would never want to leave! Just make sure to always stay with your guide and follow his indications. It's only safe where they say and also just in the early morning hours.

The tour is being offered from late December to April! Check the link below

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