Melting ice cave wonder
Est. Duration
30 - 60 min
Est. Price
Message from Michaela Scalisi

Nowhere else in Europe can you drive so close to a glacier as here. Easily accessed and always fascinating, the 100-metre long blue ice tunnel and ice chamber has been cut new into the Rhone glacier every year since around 1870. Cutting the ice cave takes about four weeks. The grotto is just short of 2300m above sea level on the Valais side, three km below the Furka pass. The entrance is approx. 180 metres from the Furka pass road and Hotel-Restaurant Belvédère.

I came in 2020 and it looked completely different than now. It is sad to see how fast the glacier is melting. Nonetheless, make yourself the tie and visit this insanely breathtaking place. It will not be the same in a few months or years.

Photopgraphy tips: make sure you find the more illuminated spots and come here when it's not dark. Then you'll just need to be a bit patient not to have people in your photos :)

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