Little Chapel
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Message from Michaela Scalisi

This is a very beautiful chapel right at the crystal clear Walensee. You park your car in Weesen at the lake and then walk along the shore. It's very panoramic and you'll enjoy it a lot. This walk takes about 1:30h one way and if you prefer to shorten it you can also drive towards Betlis where you can find several other parking lots.

Travel times on the road to Betlis There is only one lane on the Betliserstrasse after the Lago Mio lakeside restaurant. Driving direction Betlis, hourly: ...:00 to ...:05 as well as ...:30 to ...:35 Direction of travel Weesen, hourly: ...:15 to ...:35: ...:15 to ...:20 as well as ...:45 to ...:50

The chapel is perfect to enjoy the view and have a relaxing picnic. You can also continue to the Serenbachfälle and make sure to stop at the nice caves on the way too!

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