Moon lakes
Est. Duration
4 - 6 hours
Est. Price
Message from Michaela Scalisi

The starting point of the hike is the bus stop Wägerhus/Abzw. Jöriseen on the Flüela Pass, in the Flüela Valley. Easily accessible by bus from Davos. From the Wägerhus, the hiking trail leads in a north-easterly direction to a fork in the path. There you turn right. The trail climbs steeply over rocky terrain and scree to the Winterlücke, where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the Jöriseen lakes, the Jörigletscher glacier and the peaks of the Silvretta massif and Piz Linard rising above. The descent follows the left edge of the already heavily melted Jörigletscher to the eastern Jörisee. This is fed underground by the meltwater of the Jörigletscher glacier. Its outflow falls as the Jöribach into the Jörital and Vereina. The water of the other lakes is deep blue and clear to the bottom. Then the route leads up to the Jöriflüelafurgga on partly challenging and steep passages that are secured with ropes. Once at the top, a great panoramic view of the Silvretta and the Jöriseen opens up. The trail descends through rocky terrain over the Müllersch Tälli to the fork, where you turn right onto the ascent trail. Now take the same path back to the starting point at Wägerhus.

This is one of the most silent places also to camp overnight and then go back the same route the next day or rather do the round hike. When I stayed there overnight there were always a few fisherman around and that was nice too.

Photography tips: One of the best ways to take photos is at Jöriflüelafurgga where you can get really cool angles of the moon like lakes. On your descent to the lakes there are some more nice places to stop and take some more shots. Once you reach the last of the lakes and might want to set up your tent it is worth to wait for sunset and the next day catch some fantastic sunrise colors.

BTW: This area is also very nice in winter for snowshoe hiking. But of course then you will not see any lakes ;)

Duration: 4:30h Distance: 11km Ascent: 917m Descent: 917m

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