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Riders Hotel
beautiful Hotel with Matterhorn view
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Message from Michaela Scalisi

The Riders Hotel is a place where everyone is welcome — creative, unique and with a family atmosphere The rooms take up the modern and contemporary style of the hotel and create a balance between design and nature in a special way.

The Riders has a clear promise of sustainability and with its concept is a pioneer in the catering and hotel industry. The strategy is: REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE. Interior: The furniture has a vintage flair and for example the bar stools are covered with an upcycled carpet. In addition, the bed sheets are made of linen obtained from sustainable sources

Energy: Other sustainability aspects are less prominent or visible to the guests. The hotel commits to maximum energy efficiency and uses the energy from the water reservoir for 15 years already. In addition, there is a photovoltaic system on the roof, which also contributes to the hotel being CO2 neutral.

Food Waste: The food waste programme with the Startup Kitro is very exemplary. It measures the amount of food thrown away and to optimise the handling of food. In this way, quantities can be adjusted, less food can be purchased and produced and therefore fewer emissions are created. But most importantly - the food ends up on your plate and not in the trash.

Beauty: The hotel rooms are equipped with soaps and shower products from Soeder, and disinfectants from the Zurich-based company can also be found in heavily frequented places such as elevators and toilets. The products are natural and 100% biodegradable.

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