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The incredible view of mount Mýlingur. All you need to know about this hike.
Est. Duration
6 - 8 hours
Est. Price
Message from Saviour Mifsud


The hike to Mýlingur starts at the village Tjørnuvík. You park the car in the village where the parking is close to the beach (Do not park just somewhere close to a house without permission from the homeowner).

Then make your way up the mountain. The first part of this hike is easy to see as it is another path which another hike is famous for. The hike from Saksun to Tjørnuvík uses the same path until you get all the way up to Tjørnuvíksskarð, then you have to turn right and make your way up to the next mountain called Húgvan. Once you reach this mountain you need to make your way to the next stop which is Kambsmúlin which is very close to the cliff edge. There you should find a path which goes down to the valley. From this point of view you will see the iconic Mount Mylingur, just go down the valley until you reach it.

This place is also perfect to fly the drone. There are some really cool perspectives that you can capture.

All in all this hike should not take longer than 6 hours. It all depends on how long you will stop there at Mýlingur.

Very Important to check the weather before you make this hike. It is often very windy up there and foggy too.

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