Puffin island
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Message from Saviour Mifsud

One of the best places in the world to see the puffins up close

It is very important to book the ticket with the boat to Mykines island at least 2 weeks before you go to the island. The ferry to Mykines leaves from The village called Sørvagur. When arriving in Mykines you need to go up the stairs, before you arrive at the small village you will find an information map with the spots to see.

Make sure you follow the map. When reaching the puffins you need to be careful to not scare them away! Just walk normally and don't go too close. Be careful also where you step, puffin nests are everywhere. Keep on walking and you'll find a bridge, walk through it and you will arrive on Mykineshólmur. Keep on following the path until you reach the lighthouse. Many people when reaching the lighthouse they stop to rest for a while before they go back to the village. Be sure to arrive back to the village at least 1 hour before the ferry goes back.

There are 2 coffee shops where you can buy something to eat, drink and of course rest. On the ride back to Sørvagur, take a look at the cliffs and the surrounding islands. It is so mesmerizing to watch.

Update 12-05-23 Last year in 2022 there was a landslide and for some reason the path to the lighthouse is still closed. So you can’t go all the way out to the lighthouse. The price for hiking in Mykines just went up. This is what you have to do to buy the tickets. You need to buy the ticket a day before if you want to get it a bit cheaper. The ticket can be bought from…The price from the website is 415dkk. If you forget to buy the ticket at least a day before you can still buy it once you arrive on the island. There will be someone with a terminal for you to pay by card. Note that if you pay before you start hiking it will cost you a 100dkk extra.

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