Things to know before visiting the Greek Islands

5 things I WISH I knew before traveling around the Greek Islands 🤯

Stefanos Addimando

, Greece

Sure, the islands are beautiful and the overall experience is 9,5/10 times more than positive. However, there are some darker sides and I believe I should point them out 😊 this comes from my personal experience, feel free to add your own as well. It’s important for anyone who wants to travel in the islands and knows what’s up 😌

1. Lack of organisation

We Greeks aren’t known for our organisation skills 🥴 until we acquire those, it’s a good idea to look everything up yourself: from how to get to the port/airport, which boat goes to which island, the timetables. Search every website you can, ask anyone you think they might know. Don’t hesitate to ask your travel agent every little detail. Even we Greeks sometimes get confused and frustrated, so I can imagine how it is if you can’t communicate effectively or read the signs 🤐

2. Taxis

This happens more often that I’d like to admit: taxi drivers (especially in Athens and around Piraeus port) charge foreigners much more than the actual, regular price. I recommend downloading and using the @thebeatapp which gives you a clear image of the price you’re gonna pay and the driver’s information. This makes traveling for female solo travelers as safe as it gets 😊 🚕

3. Greek Holidays

Pleae research the Greek holidays before booking your trip - for example, did you know that the 28th of October is a big holiday? Or the Holy Spirit day in June? This causes the airfare prices to skyrocket and minimizes the hotels’ availability 🗓

4. Wind

This seems to cause more trouble than it should. Especially during the summer months, high winds can disrupt sea travels..or just make you nauseous, since the journeys can last for up to 10 hours. Always have the appropriate medicine with you if you get sea sick 🌊

5. Endless options

There are as many as 227 islands you can visit. It’s not a bad idea to overlook the overcrowded and overtouristy islands (Mykonos, Santorini, Rodos, etc) and research well enough to find what suits you best. Give the lesser known islands a chance ♥️ those who have done this know the feeling when you step on an island and immediately feel like home 🏝