A mountain lake in the heart of the Swiss Alps
Est. Duration
2 - 4 hours
Est. Price
Message from twin theworld

This hike is for someone who likes day-hikes or camping trips in the mountains. Our tip is to star in Braunwald, which you can reach by a funicular railway. From there, you can walk a little bit more than one hour through forests, meadows and little rivers, without losing or gaining much elevation. There even is a restaurant along the way. Then you reach lake Oberblegisee, which is embedded in the overwhelming mountains that surround it. If you want to, you can camp there. If the alp that lies nearby is populated (during the summer months), we suggest you to ask the farmers if it's ok for them if you camp at the lake. In our case it was no problem, but we heard other stories. Starting from the lake, you can either hike back or down to the valley: Luchsingen, to be more precise, which is also well connected to the public transport system of Switzerland.

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