A picturesque turquoise mountain lake
Est. Duration
2 - 4 hours
Est. Price
Message from twin theworld

This mountain lake has become really famous on Instagram, but it already has been famous before in Eastern Switzerland, since it's part of the "5-Seen-Wanderung", the five lakes hike. Actually, it's the first of the five lakes (and the most beautiful one in our opinion!). Ascend by cable car from Wangs until Pizolhütte. From there it's a hike that takes a little bit more than one hour. If you reach "Wildseeluggen" you will probably be overwhelmed by the view. The lake is a blue pearl in the middle of many rocky mountain peaks. If you're lucky, you can even spot the Pizol glacier which has almost disappeared. After you have enjoyed the view, you have the choice: You can go back to the Pizolhütte, finish the 5-Seen-Wanderung and see lakes like lake Schottensee or even hike down to Weisstannen, which leads you to the waterfalls of Batöni along the way. The photos with snow you can see in the gallery are taken in September when it snowed early, but in winter the lake is frozen.

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