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Hi everyone 👋 It's @empty.japan, your Japan's Chief Explorer 🇯🇵 I live in Kyoto, and I have been traveling around Japan for many years, discovering unique and beautiful locations unknown to the most travelers. And now I am finally ready to share these secrets with you! I have also created a perfect option for the first time travelers which would help to avoid most of the crowds and experience the most epic locations of Japan!

📍All locations are easily accessible by public transport 📍All travel guides are perfect for ANY season

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January 2024

We used these guides for our honeymoon trip and it was the best decision we've made.

I go to Japan often since my family is from there, but this time I really wanted to make it special. Typically I'm the one to plan itineraries but I decided to try out these guides by Empty Japan and I was so glad I did. The trip was so stress-free and we were able to see new hidden gems, and we were the only tourists there yipee!

I was really grateful for the tips on how to get to each destination, food recs (all of the restaurants were so good), and the detail of each guide. If you were going to pick one itinerary for your Japan trip, this is the one.

Julie Falzon

October 2023

An outstanding guide for new travellers or seasoned travellers to Japan. I love the variety in the itineraries and it's very refreshing to discover. This guide is packed with tips which are so helpful. From talking situations in restaurants and other places to the different types of ramen, it is filled with info and a great preparation for a lifetime trip or if you've already been to Japan and want to find new places. My favourite Japan guide so far!

Elizabeth Kwan

September 2023

Fantastic travel guide to Kansai region! I love all the descriptions of less-known sites, now added to my itinerary. I also really appreciate the recommendations for hotels/places to stay.

Alicia Guerra

September 2023

This travel guide was a great surprise! There are so many locations I never heard about that look so interesting. I also really appreciate how detailed everything is. I'm excited to prepare my second trip to Japan with this guide and looking forward to seeing new locations of other parts of Japan!

Mathew Jamison

September 2023

You outdid yourself with this guide, it’s absolutely amazing!! There’s so many places listed and it is incredibly detailed. I don’t know when I’m visiting but, when I do, I will definitely be checking some of these locations out ❤️

Xenia Sponagel

September 2023

i love it! the places are really good described and beautifully documented. We will certainly visit some places of it in November in Japan 😊 I'm looking forward to it 😄❤️

Guide by Empty Japan
Joined in April 2023

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