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Not many people know the Icelandic countryside better than her. Born and raised in Iceland, Ása has left no mountain top, waterfall or hot spring unexplored. Whether you prefer the ring road, highlands or the remote west fjords. Ása know all of this like her back pocket and will give you an experience you’ll never forget.

Guide by Ása Steinars
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4.9(20 reviews)

Elli Kohlmyer

May 2024

Love this guide! I could not plan my trip without it! Amazing and hidden recs!!!!

Matthias Sonntag

May 2024

Best Iceland guide ever. Having this interactive guide at hand when being on the road in Iceland is all what you need, super-convenient! Travelled Iceland five times during the last decade - 4 times without and last time (May 2024) with the guide... For this guide the rating needs to be expanded from 5 stars to 10! Many thanks Ása (and team).

Jessica Barons

May 2024

This guide is so helpful! Highly recommend!

Rosie Wilding

April 2024

The best thing we did for our trip last year was to have a personal itinerary done, Ása really did provide us with the most amazing plan, this meant we really made the most out of the time we had. I had so many places saved but just not enough time or the knowledge to put something together, we were so impressed we are heading back again, so I've gone straight to Ása for a personalised itinerary. An absolute must if you want to get to explore Iceland and all of it's beauty.

Ash Newton

April 2024

Crazy helpful! My partner & I have spent 3.5 weeks in our Camp Easy van touring around Iceland and your app has made it so easy! We would have missed so many great spots without it. I love that it links straight to google maps plus your images gave us some great drone and camera shot ideas. Thanks again Asa!

Sharon Olivares

February 2024

Amazing! This guide was very useful for organizing my trip to Iceland. The advice is fantastic, thanks for sharing it!

Guide by Ása Steinars
Joined in April 2022

Ása Steinars is an adventure photographer and videographer from Iceland. Growing up in the north, surrounded by extreme landscapes and forever changing weather has given her a tight bond to nature and its forces. This you can clearly see in her photography. She works as a full time content creator, helping people to travel Iceland like she does. She has a total following of almost 2 million across her social media platforms.

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