Adventures in Scotland

We’ve spent many years travelling around our beautiful home of Scotland - exploring its picturesque cities and towns, hiking its epic trails and munros, staying in its most amazing accommodation, searching out its unique wildlife and enjoying the best food and drink it has to offer.

We know how hard it can be to plan a trip when you don't know the area well, how close everything is, or you're just worried you'll miss something epic.

That's why we created this digital guide and itinerary service. Each spot on our map has been curated based on our in depth knowledge and personal experiences, so you can trust you'll have all the most up to date inspiration in one place.

We hope you love exploring this map as much as we have getting out on adventures to build it. We'll also be adding hidden gems all the time, so you'll never run out of reasons to keep coming back.

If you have any questions, or require a more bespoke planned trip, we are here to help.


Guide by Tom & Laura
Made in English

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5.0(5 reviews)

Martha Wyatt

March 2024

This map was so helpful on my recent trip to Scotland. I used it everyday to find places I would otherwise have spent ages googling or missed. Loads of places I didn’t even know existed, thanks so much!

Sophie Cloarec

February 2024

Sometimes you try new things , and you don't know if it is a good idea ... Here no need to ask yourself : just go and ask for help : the result is going to be perfect . -Great precise questions -Super nice and friendly communication -thet really really try everything that can help

  • itinerary is smart exciting sand relevant

Thank you for your warm help . You are doing a really great job

Sophie from France

Elaina Lotocki

January 2024

They’re absolutely incredible. Quick at responding to my questions, and are always so patient with me. I can’t recommend them enough! I’m so appreciative of them!

steve andre

January 2024

What a fun, fantastic interactive guide you two thanks! We thought we knew Scotland pretty well but this has given us so many new ideas, and excitement to get back out there. Beautifully captured and narrated of course, with so many personal touches. Such a lovely gem!

Natalie L

December 2023

I have been trying to put together a trip to Scotland. Looking at doing a road trip and haven’t found anything as helpful as this. Thanks for putting so much work together!

Guide by Tom & Laura
Joined in November 2023

We are Tom & Laura, the couple behind TravelTwo. Since we met, we have both shared a love of photography and a dislike for sitting still.

We are lucky enough to call Edinburgh our home and Scotland our playground – meaning we are never short of excuses to get out with our camera!

And if there’s a photo that we feel is worth sharing, chances are there’s also a story behind it that’s worth telling.

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