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Saviour Mifsud is a Maltese self taught photographer who has been living in the Faroe Islands since 2006 but his passion for photography really began in 2013 after he purchased a DSLR camera and started exploring the islands he now calls home.

Guide by Saviour Mifsud
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5.0(14 reviews)

Albert Susinskas

June 2024

We used the guide for the entire week while visiting the Faroe Islands. It really helped us make the most of our trip. Saviour was very responsive to our questions as well.

Pranay Kumar

May 2024

This was a very useful guide and the 10 day guide covered a lot of different things in the Faroes which was perfect. In the land of maybes the weather is super unpredictable so it really helped that there personalized recommendations and help available as the itinerary needs to be adaptable according to the weather. I would highly recommend this guide as there are a lot of options for things to do and this makes it so much easier to plan.

Chris Partridge

April 2024

I literally had just spent a couple of days exploring and documenting all the places I wanted to visit on a 4 day itinerary in the Faroe islands, and was planning to put them all into a map with photos, for quick reference. And instead Saviour had done all the work for me … great source of info!

Raudhah Ishak

December 2023

I found Saviour on Instagram and was impressed by his pictures. I purchased a 2 days winter itinerary to get a better understanding of the places of interest in Faroe Islands so that I could make my decision on where to stay and what to do. But when I read that it’s best to get a guide during winter, I knew that Saviour would be the best guide for us. True enough, we had a great time with Saviour. He listened to what we wanted and proposed a trip to the lake above the ocean as it was not that demanding and it had one of the best views where the lake meets the ocean. He was very warm and approachable and this made our trip an enjoyable one. He was attentive to our needs and did not rush us during the journey to and fro, gave us time to take pics and even took gorgeous pics of our family, making it a trip that we can never forget. Again, Tq so much for the tips and the warm hospitality!

Bhushan Madan

November 2023

I enjoyed a 12-day personalised itinerary crafted by Saviour Mifsud. What stood out was his thorough consideration of the details I provided, especially my photography and drone interests. The itinerary was thoughtfully structured for each day, offering a detailed roadmap that maximized sightseeing while saving valuable time. His advice on parking and hiking kick-off points was immensely helpful. Each location was accompanied by dos and don'ts, and I appreciated the local dining recommendations. Saviour was impressively prompt in responding to any queries during my stay.

In the unpredictable Faroe Islands, where weather plays tricks, having a well-crafted itinerary enhanced the vacation. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone. I'll surely purchase his itinerary again on my next visit.

Jess Smith

September 2023

My friend and I traveled to the Faroe Islands and did a private photo tour with Saviour, and it was one of the best trips we have ever taken!! Saviour was absolutely wonderful and set up a personalized itinerary for us that organized our trip beautifully. He adjusted the plans as needed for the weather, and showed us amazing sights of the Faroe Islands. I couldn’t recommend using him to create your itinerary or using him as a guide more!! Incredible experience that I will never forget.

Guide by Saviour Mifsud
Joined in April 2022

Hello, I'm Saviour Mifsud, a Maltese Outdoor/Travel Photographer who has called the breathtaking Faroe Islands home for the past 16 years. By day, I'm a sales man with a food and beverages company and on my free time I pursue my passion for photography, and lead guided tours and photo tours across the stunning landscapes of the Faroe Islands. If you're curious to learn more about me, feel free to send me a direct message. 🙂"

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