Things to know before visiting Iceland

The most important things to know before visiting Iceland for the first time.

Ása Steinars


I get hundreds of messages every month from people asking me for things to know before visiting Iceland. So thought it would be benefitial to you to create a travel tip listing up my main pointers to make your trip planning easier.


The official language of Iceland is Icelandic, but it is super easy to get around with English since nearly everyone in Icelands speaks it fluently.


Iceland has its own currency called Íslenska Krónan (ISK). There are a lot of money converting apps and I recommend getting familiar with the up-to-date currency exchange before coming to Iceland.


Locals never have cash on them, nearly everybody uses their card and phone to pay. Apple pay, Google pay and all major credit cards are accepted everywhere, but please note that Amcerican Express is usually not accepted because of high transaction fees.


There is no tipping in Iceland. Having said that, if you are really happy with the service you can always add a tip but that is not expected.


Locals drink the water from the tap, it is fresh and filtered from the glaciers. So good!


The weather is unpredictable in every season and can change very quickly within each day. The best weather forecast can be found at . Be sure to check it several times a day.


For detailed suggestion on what to pack check out my other travel tip called What to Pack for Vanlife in Iceland


The electricity in Iceland is 220 volts. If you are coming from countries like the US and Canada remember to pack an adapter for outlets.


Iceland is fully 5G capable. In Reykjavik and the rest of South Iceland, network coverage is excellent. The more remote you travel the less connected you will be, but you can find wifi almost everywhere. You can purchase a prepaid data Sim card from an Icelandic company like Nova, Vodafone or Síminn from their stores or many gas stations. Alternatively you could purchase a Wifi hotspot from your campervan or rental company.

I hope this list helps easy your mind. I have no doubt that your trip to Iceland is going to be unforgettable.