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Message from Marcel Siebert

Eltz Castle is a medieval castle in Germany that has never been destroyed. It is located on a 70-meter-high rock spur between Koblenz and Trier tucked away in the hills above the Moselle river. The three families who own the different parts of the castle have lived in the castle since the 12th century. The castle is known for its Romanesque and Baroque styles, and for its species-rich Eltz Forest nature reserve. It includes 8 towers, over 100 rooms, the 10-story Greater Rodendorf House, a Flag Hall with a late Gothic vaulted ceiling, and a Rübenacher house built in Late Gothic style. Visitors can travel to the castle between April and November to visit the two wings open to the public, which include the Treasury room filled with gold, silver, and porcelain artifacts, and the Armory hosting historic weapons and suits of armor.

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