Ryan & Katy Smilko

Travel Business

Hey hey! If you don’t know us, we are Ryan, Katy, and Junior, and we are professional soft adventurers. What are soft adventures you say?! Things like easy to moderate hikes, dog-friendly activities, scenic drives and at the end of the day, let’s be real… a good brewery, winery, distillery or cocktail bar. These are definitely our jam.

We’ve been exploring California for more than 6 years, and have saved all the best spots, activities and experiences in to one epic map!

🥾 Hikes & Trails 🛣️ Scenic Drives ⛰️ National Parks 🐶 Dog-friendly activities 🏨 Hotels & stays 🌊 Waterfalls 📸 Scenic viewpoints ⛵️ Tours 🚁 Experiences 🥃 Wineries, breweries & cocktail bars and we’re only going to keep adding so much more‼️