Stunning moss-covered pyramid in Iceland


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Message from Aron Tómas
Mælifell Mountain is a stunning and unique destination in Iceland. This olive green, moss-covered pyramid stands alone in a vast black desert landscape, creating a truly awe-inspiring sight. It was once hidden under the third largest glacier in Iceland but was exposed around 10 thousand years ago. To reach Mælifell, you can either join a guided tour or rent a car and drive up to the highlands on your own. Along the way, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier and the notorious Katla volcano. Don't forget to make some stops along the Emstruleid mountain road to take in the tranquil surroundings and maybe even spot some Icelandic sheep grazing in the green meadows. Whether you visit in the summer or winter, Mælifell promises to leave you in awe of its natural beauty.

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