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This place truly makes you feel like in Iceland. Surrounded by waterfalls, mountians and pure wilderness, this leaves you speechless. Discover it while its still a hidden gem. How to get there: Park in Weisstannen. You find many parking spots there but dont do the same mistake like us and park at the furthest one away ;) the coordinates of the last parking available are these ones: 46.981952, 9.349157. This saves you around 30min in total. From there starts your hike. For me it was more exhausting than expected, with around 1 hour going steep uphill. After that its almost straight though. I recommend to bring sticks for the way back, since some parts are very muddy and slippery. Especially after rainfalls. After 1.45 hrs you arrive at the waterfall arena. There is a small suspension bridge which is cool but besides that, you wont find anything there. There is no hut or anything where you can buy something. So its time to go up to the best viewpoint possible. So as soon as you arrive at the waterfall, head uphill one more time to your left side until the follwoing point: 46.959241, 9.35688. You only need around 20min but this place you will have for yourself and you get to see all the waterfalls, rivers and the valley, worth it for the extra effort. After that you head back down to Weisstannen.

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