the power of water
Est. Duration
2 - 4 hours
Est. Price
Message from Belinda Philipp

The Seerenbach falls are one of the most impressive and with 585m height the highest waterfalls you can find in Switzerland and even in Europe And with Walensee as a backdrop even more unique. How to get there: You have different options to visit the waterfalls. The quickest option is to park at Betlis. From there its only a couple of minutes walking until you reach the viewpoint of the waterfalls. Mostly that parking is full since its very small. Also its a one way road, so you have only certain times where you can drive in each direction. The other option, which is most likely the one which is happening, is to park in Weesen and walk from there. It takes around 1 hr to walk from Weesen to Betlis and then to the Waterfalls. The third option is to go from Weesen to Betlis by boat. If you have the energy, you can keep walking to the village of Quinten and take the boat back to Weesen. Tip: If you pass the Viewpoint, you go up a little higher. there you can cross the creek and see the Waterfalls from a better perspektive with the lake in the backround.

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