Sunset Cliffs Sea Cave


Message from Chelsey Evans

I grew up in the San Diego area and even went to college in Point Loma yet I had not heard about these caves until recently. I wrote a whole blog post on how to visit here but here are some key tips! 👇🏻 . 🌊 Wear water shoes. This one was a game changer for me. I own water shoes that have great tread on them and it helped me cross the parts with rock and water without slipping. It also saved my feet from getting cut up. . 🌊 Go at a negative tide. This means you need to check the tide schedule before you go and it needs to have a negative symbol in front of it. I use @magicseaweed . 🌊You will get wet so don’t wear pants. Even with a low tide my feet and ankles got wet.

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