Iceland's Most Impressive Places

We are Sarah & Cédric, a couple from Belgium. We love to travel with and without our self-converted van. We have a penchant for mountains and impressive landscapes. One of our trips took us through the beautiful sceneries of ​​Iceland. We would like to take you on a virtual journey through this beautiful country and help you plan a real trip to Iceland. So find out the best places we've been so far!

Guide by Sarah and Cédric
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Guide by Sarah and Cédric
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We are Sarah & Cédric, a content creating travel couple from Belgium with our own travelblog ‘Coordinotes’. In 2020, we converted our camper van and started to travel around our home country and the rest of Europe. In the mean time, we have quit our jobs to travel the world. With our travel guides, we want to share our experiences and help you plan your next adventure. Planning a trip has never been easier!

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