An old abandoned train station
Est. Duration
1 - 2 hours
Est. Price
Message from Sarah and Cédric

This beautiful little castle is actually an old abandoned train station. This hidden gem can be found in Houyet in the province of Namen.

The story behind: In 1874, king Leoplod II built the Château Royal d’Ardenne, a castle that was used as a luxurious hotel for kings and the rich people in the world. In 1896 a railway was built between Celles and Houyet. In order to receive guests in front of the luxury hotel, this railway station, called Château d’Ardenne, was built. The station was closed in 1919, when the hotel suffered a lot of damage during WWI and was closed. The hotel reopened in 1921, but the station was closed for good.

You can reach the station after a 2 km hike from Houyet along the Lesse river.

Important note: We’ve been informed that this site is now under surveillance due to the risk of collapse. You can still walk past the building, but we do not recommend entering it for you own safety!

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