Watch the Northern Lights Dance
Est. Duration
1 - 2 hours
Est. Price
Message from Danielle Marie Lister

While you can see the Aurora from anywhere there are definitely areas that are better for experience it. Fish Lake is far enough away from Whitehorse that you can escape the light pollution. The lake offers a wide open space so you can take in more sky and the mountains make for a nice foreground in your photos! I often find their can be a bubble of cloud coverage around Whitehorse so it's sometime clear there when it's not in town.

You can walk on the lake once it's frozen (aprox December - March) but do it at your own risk. I would stick to walking on areas that have gotten a lot of traffic (look for snowmobile tracks, foot prints and packed snow)

📍 Getting Here: Google maps might give you the wrong directions!

  • Follow Fish Lake Road until you reach the lake at the end (aprox 25mins)

  • Drive Slow - it's a bit of a winding road and it's going to be dark, so drive slow and take the corners easy. I've come across moose in the area.

  • There's lots of parking along the road

  • Make sure you turn your lights off in the car as soon as you arrive to not disturb others

📍 Tips: -Check the weather - a clear sky is ideal but it's worth going even if it's says its cloudy because there's often breaks in the sky -Check the Aurora forecast? - I find them to sometimes be inaccurate so even if it says low I would send it anyways -It's called Aurora Hunting for a reason - you never know what to expect and it can be a bit of a waiting game, so don't give up too quickly. They always seem to be out when you least expect it! -Cell service is spotty so download your playlist to set the vibe 😉 -Brings camp chairs and blankets so you can get cozy and take in show -Bring snacks and hot chocolate -You can have a campfire but if you do, try to use the areas where people have already had fires to reduce the impacts

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