Whale Watching Hauganes
Whale watching on classic oak boat
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2 - 4 hours
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Message from Elisa in Iceland

One of my absolute favorite things to do is Whale Watching. Getting close to these gentle giants is such a humbling an beautiful experience, I would recommend to anyone.

In Eyjafjörður (the fjord where Hauganes situated) you'll have a great chance to see several whale species. There's humpbacks and minke whales, and sometimes you get lucky and see a blue whale or orca's.

Because you are a bit more sheltered from the elements, it is often a lot better to go whale watching in Eyjafjörður than in Húsavík (which is crowned "the whale watching capital of the north). But being out on the open ocean while often cause rougher seas and consequently more seasickness. So if you want to see whales I can definitely recommend going whale watching in Eyjafjörður.

In Hauganes you can choose between a tour where you will only go whale watching, or a tour where you will also try to catch some fish at the end (that you can take "home" with you to eat in your holiday house / guesthouse).

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