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Rocky beach with photogenic sea stack
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0 - 30 min
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Ribeira da Janela is a beautiful and breathtaking location that offers travelers a unique opportunity to explore and experience Madeira's dramatic and gorgeous scenery. This pocket of paradise is composed of an inspiring coastline, a picturesque valley with striking plantation terraces, a small village church, spectacular geological formations, and a captivating old road. Visitors can admire the stunning landscape while strolling along the volcanic sand beach or exploring various trails and pathways with views of the ocean and Ribeira da Janela ravine. With so much to discover, Ribeira da Janela is a wonderful spot where you can enjoy peaceful tranquility and glorious natural beauty.

Time of day: sunrise, I only had time to visit during sunset Months to go: year round Gear to bring: wide angle lens, zoom lens, and drone

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