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Message from Pálína Axelsdóttir Njarðvík

I only heard about this place last summer so we decided to go. It's one of the most memorable day of the summer. I've never seen nature quite like this, the hike was very worth it. Make sure you have some time to enjoy this place and explore it. I don't have words to describe this properly so look at the photos.

This is how visit Austurland describes the place. Stórurð boulders is one of Icelands most spectacular sights and has gained more popularity amongst hikers in recent years. The expansive surroundings offer plenty to see and experience; blue-green ponds contrast with flat, vegetated meadows surrounded by sheer-sloped and jagged tuff Dyrfjöll mountain peaks. As the name suggests, the area is strewn with many enormous boulders, likely abandoned by retreating glaciers.

Five marked trails lead to and from Stórurð. Two from Vatnsskarð pass, one from Njarðvík and two from Borgarfjörður Eystri. Since Stórurð is located over 400 m above sea level, snow often lingers far into summer so best time for exploring this magnificent area is from mid-July to first appreciable snows of autumn. The hike back and forth takes about 4-5 hours so consider this a day tour.

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