Skiing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a fabulous destination for winter sports. Let me show you the best ski resorts in the country!

Kathi Daniela


Let me introduce you to the ski resorts around the Olympic city Sarajevo and in Bosnia-Hertzegovina: Maybe you are still looking for a good alternative to Austria or Switzerland 😉 Joking aside: Bosnia-Herzegovina is an excellent winter sports destination, especially the mountains around Sarajevo, where the Winter Olympics were finally held in 1984.

Why go skiing in Bosnia-Herzegovina?

Winter sports have a long tradition in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The country's ski resorts are mostly located between 1,500 and 2,000 metres above sea level and are generally quite snow-sure from December onwards. Those interested in other winter sports can go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

In addition, skiing in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still much more affordable in 2022 than in Austria, Germany or the Swiss Alps. Prices for accommodation and ski passes are below Central and Western European standards!

Ski resorts in Bosnia and Herzegovina


During the 1984 Winter Olympics, Bjelašnica was used, among other things, for the alpine skiing competitions. And even today, Bjelašnica is still a popular skiing and recreation area!

⛷ A few facts:

🔹 8 pistes: 1,600 metres for black runs, 7,800 metres red posts, 4,850 metres blue runs).

🔸 5 children's pistes

🔹 5 ski lifts and 3 chair lifts

🔸 Night skiing

💸 Costs:

🔹 Day ski pass: 35 KM

🔸 3-day ski pass: 95 KM

🔹 6-day ski pass: 180 KM

🔸 Season ticket: 800 KM


This mountain range in the south of Sarajevo goes up to 1,913 metres and was used as an Alpine skiing venue during the 1984 Winter Olympics. Jahorina is relatively snow-sure in winter, with more than 1 metre of snow at the summits.

⛷ A few facts:

🔹 9 slopes: 2 black, 6 red, 1 blue.

🔸 3 ski lifts and 4 chair lifts

🔹 Night skiing

💸 Costs:

🔹 Day ski pass: between 61 and 73 KM.

🔸 3-day ski pass: between 190 and 253 KM

🔹 6-day ski pass: between 328 and 438 KM

🔸 Season ticket: 1,075 KM


Vlašić is a mountain range in central Bosnia and rises to 1,943 metres. It is located near Travnik, about 2.5 hours from Sarajevo. The winter resort of Babanovac is particularly well known for skiing and snowboarding.

⛷ A few facts:

🔹 7 slopes with a total length of 15 km, blue and red.

🔸 5 ski lifts

🔹 Night skiing

💸 Costs:

🔹 Day ski pass: 29 KM

🔸 2-day ski pass: 56 KM

🔹 7-day ski pass: 190 KM

🔸 Season ticket: 540 KM


This ski resort is located only about 300 kilometres from Zagreb and is a bit smaller and quieter than the other winter sports resorts - the area is therefore also well suited for families with children. You ski here at an altitude of 1,100 to 1,500 metres and are also only an hour away from the worth seeing towns of Travnik and Jajce!

⛷ A few facts:

🔹 6 kilometres of medium difficulty slopes

🔸 7 kilometres of beginner slopes

🔹 2 ski lifts

💸 Costs:

🔹 Day ski pass: 35 KM

🔸 Children's day ski pass: 25 KM

The best time to go skiing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

If you are planning a winter sports holiday in Bosnia and Herzegovina, December to mid-March is the best time to go.

In the period between the years, many Croats and Serbs traditionally use the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina for winter holidays, which means that accommodation directly on the mountains is booked out months in advance. However, if you don't mind possibly staying in Sarajevo and taking the shuttle up the mountains, it's no problem - and you'll have city life and snow fun in one!

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