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Hi, I’m Kathi! Ever since my first trip to B&H in 2017 I have been wondering: “Why don’t more people visit this beautiful place?” And then came the pandemic and we moved to B&H permanently! For the last year and a half, I have been exploring my adopted home, taking pictures, collecting stories, and tasting the best cuisines. Inspired by the Bosnian sentiment ćejf (the enjoyment of small things in life) – my travel guides invite you to travel more mindfully and explore B&H beyond the capital Sarajevo. Here, you’ll find curated travel guides, food recommendations, and general travel tips that help you to explore this heart-shaped country in the Balkans that I call home.

Guide by Kathi Daniela
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Nadia Sheikh

December 2022

I recently purchased Cheyf Reisen's guide and I'm so excited to use it with my visitors in Bosnia soon and see more of Sarajevo and the country! It's easy to use, instructive, and informative, and the map view is incredibly useful.

Guide by Kathi Daniela
Joined in September 2022

Hi, I am Kathi – a nomad turned expat. After living all across the world for the past six years (Denmark, South Africa, Czechia) I am now based in Sarajevo where I work as a freelance travel writer and brand manager for a boutique travel agency I started with my partner. I cannot live without a cup of good coffee in the morning, and can never say no to a sunset or a mountain adventure. In my travel guides, you find everything I love: From great restaurant to wineries, photo spots, hikes and view points. Happy exploring!

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